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Employees at Wisconsin Firm Opt for Chip Implants

Have people really lost their way in the technological wilderness? How work averse have people become that they are willing, apparently for convenience sake, to have a chip implanted in their hand, by their employer which will enable them to log onto their computer, open doors, photocopy and charge items at the employee cafeteria on their credit card?  The company is forking out $300 a piece for these chips, probably buying into the trope that it will keep unwanted elements from coming through the door or block the Russians from hacking into their computers.

In the past, US employers have generally rejected this type of technology but it seems that the obsession to be at the cutting edge of convenience and consumerism has overwhelmed their better judgement. But what else will be in these embedded chips? On which cloud is the data stored? For those of us with criminal backgrounds, they can dump our rap sheet on a chip and we can be blocked from accessing public buildings or buying a soda from a vending machine. New technology always seems so exciting, until we start thinking about the different ways it can be used against poor folks, against people of color, against those with a history of mental illness or addiction. Technological apartheid-separating the deserving from the undeserving…Check out this madness in action..

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James Kilgore

James Kilgore is an activist , writer and educator based in Urbana, Illinois. He is a Soros Justice Fellow for 2017-18. His project, Challenging E-Carceration, focuses on electronic monitoring in the criminal legal system.