EM and Immigration

Following Up on Libre by Nexus

This article further exposes Libre by Nexus, the company that pays immigration detention bond and then puts people on EM at $14 a day. This story reveals that they have 6,500 people on this monitoring program. Also, several people interviewed said that their device often broke but when they called the company to come and repair it, they got no response-meaning that they keep paying their $14 a day for a non-working device. Of course, for the person being monitored, a non-working device might be better than one that does work, but paying $14 a day for nothing is obviously pointless. This story reiterates the idea that most people sign a contract in English which they often don’t understand, that most people think the $14 a day is going toward paying off their bond from the immigration detention, which it isn’t, and that people may end up paying thousands for EM while still having to repay the bond amount on top of that. An EM nightmare.

Bound to Pay


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James Kilgore

James Kilgore is an activist , writer and educator based in Urbana, Illinois. He is a Soros Justice Fellow for 2017-18. His project, Challenging E-Carceration, focuses on electronic monitoring in the criminal legal system.