This is the home page for Challenging E-Carceration, an advocacy and research project that aims to raise awareness and change policy regarding the use of technology in the criminal legal system. Our major focus will be to advocate for the rights of those on electronic monitors (EM), but we will also examine other ways in which technology deprives people of their liberty. These include the use of stingrays, facial recognition software, racially biased risk assessment tools and meta databases.

James Kilgore is the project director. He has been researching electronic monitoring since completing a year on a monitor as a condition of his parole in 2010. He has written extensively on EM and is the author of five books, including Understanding Mass Incarceration: A People’s Guide to the Key Civil Rights Struggle of Our Time. He lives in Urbana, Illinois where he is a Co-Director of FirstFollowers Reentry Program, a founding member of Build Programs, Not Jails and a lecturer in the Global Studies Program at the University of Illinois. He has received funding for this project from the Open Society Foundation by being selected as a Soros Justice Fellow for 2017