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Electronic Monitoring Hotspot Map

MediaJustice’s Challenging E-Carceration project has been researching national trends and local struggles involving electronic monitoring (EM) and other punitive technologies for several years. This map highlights our findings. Hover and click on states for information on how e-carceration is being implemented there, and how people are fighting to abolish it. You can read more about EM and COVID-19 in our special bibliography, or get more information from the complete list of MediaJustice’s publications on e-carceration. We also have a list of EM companies for your reference. If there is something in your community that should be added to the map, you can let us know by filling out our map intake form.Text here.

COVID-19: Release People From Prisons and Jails Without Electronic Monitoring

No More Shackles: Ten Arguments Against Pretrial Electronic Monitoring (2019)

No More Shackles: Why We Must End the Use of Electronic Monitors for People on Parole (2018)

Guidelines for Respecting the Rights of People on Electronic Monitors

List of Electronic Monitoring Companies

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How widely used is electronic monitoring ? According to a Pew Charitable Trust research report in 2016, there were about 131,000 individuals under supervision via electronic monitoring on December 201

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