What is E-Carceration?

E-Carceration is the use of technology to deprive people of their liberty. Electronic monitors combined with house arrest represent the most obvious and likely the most punitive form of E-Carceration.  Typically the state, usually via the criminal legal system, enforces E-Carceration. But corporations are also getting into the act by charging fees for repressive regimes of parole and probation which often include monitors.  If we don’t resist, E-Carceration may be the successor to mass incarceration as we exchange prison cells for being confined in our own homes and communities.

E-Carceration also includes a range of technologies that gather information about our daily lives that can curb our liberty. These technologies include: license plate readers, Stingrays, facial recognition software and metadatabases which house information gathered from all these sources of surveillance.